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How we teach our pupils English

A particular attention is given to the teaching methods of foreign languages at Cours Morvan.

The pupils from mainstream schools come to Cours Morvan with a poor knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and practice of the language. However, they make it up and obtain the required level of Baccalaureat within a few months through :

  • Intensive reading of texts and newspaper/magazine articles according to the standard curricula
  • Checking of the comprehension (both oral and written)
  • Acquiring basic notions of vocabulary and syntax
  • Writing (written production)
  • Private coaching
  • Self checking of school work New stimuli : other cultures, and ways of life ...
  • Outings, excursions, subtitled films...
  • Trips abroad providing them with the opportunity and pleasure of speaking the natives' language.

Our pupils' achievements are quite satisfactory, and the students reach a good level of English.


Pascal Caput, professeur d'anglais